October 7, 2015 Meeting: iOS 9, iPhone 6S and “What’s On Your Home Screen and Why?”

The next meeting of the Hershey Apple Core will be held on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, starting at 6:30 PM at The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, 4750 Lindle Road Harrisburg, PA 17111. Directions to the meeting can be found on the HAP web site.

NOTE!!! Due to schedule conflicts at The Hospital and Healthsystem Association, we are meeting one week earlier than normal. Please mark your calendars.

Apple has been busy, and we will be too. We’ll take a look at iOS 9, the new iPhone 6S, discuss El Capitan and, if we have time, talk about “What’s On Your Home Screen and Why” for both iPad and iPhone.

Of course, the ever-popular Question and Answer Session will start the meeting, and the evening will wrap with our Meeting After-The-Meeting Dinner. We hope you’ll join us for a great evening of Apple tech discussion.