September 9, 2015 Meeting – Apple Announcements and Summer Catch-Up

The next meeting of the Hershey Apple Core will be held on Wednesday, September 9, 2015, starting at 6:30 PM at The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania, 4750 Lindle Road Harrisburg, PA 17111. Directions to the meeting can be found on the HAP web site.

We’re back from summer vacation, and we hit the ground running thanks to Apple’s September Event that will be held earlier in the day. We will review and discuss the announcements and highlights, play a little catch-up on everyone’s summer and what’s happened since we were together. The topics will range from iPads to Apple Watches and beyond…we really don’t know for sure until Tim Cook takes the stage.

You’ve been saving up all your technical issues since Spring, and we’ll try to answer them all in our Question and Answer session, and then head to a Meeting-After-The-Meeting dinner as HAC re-engages for our Fall semester. Hope to see you there!